Operation Meat-Ready-to-Eat (MRE)


During the Operation MRE fundraiser, the Detachment accepts donations for briskets, and 100% of the net proceeds go toward scholarships for Marines and Navy Corpsmen (FMF) pursuing college degrees in the Brazos Valley.

The Detachment’s first summertime fundraising attempt was simple and raised enough for a couple of small scholarships (less than 20 briskets were ordered). Until 2018, the Detachment working party smoked the briskets each year in the month of June at the American Legion in Bryan.  Unfortunately, grill space was limited – which restricted the Detachment’s abilities to grow the program.

In 2018, the Detachment coordinated with a local BBQ restaurant to smoke the briskets instead – which allowed the Detachment to accept donations for over 40 briskets!

Also in 2018, Operation MRE turned into a semi-annual event occurring in the summer (June) and the winter (December). Thanks to a partnership with the local BBQ restaurant and support from the Brazos Valley community, the Detachment has been able to increase both the number and individual value of scholarships offered each year.



2018 (Summer)

2018 (Winter)